A big hello everyone, to the not so secret life of a fashionista, with a heart full of words waiting to be poured out. A graduate, post-graduate in a field drastically apart from my tastes here, I ventured to blogging for a release of my creative sensibilities. And the writer’s block is far too obvious here, isn’t it? 

Clothing has been a fascination for yours truly, from a very young age, with draping mom’s six yards at the age of 8, to walking in her stilettos, and posing teacher with little chalk pieces stolen from the classroom floors. Well, the teaching never caught on, but the flair for language certainly carried on. As in all my writings on fashion, there is no going forward without mentioning the mentor of all, Amma from trends to pop culture, literature to shaping my world view, there is no influence so compelling. But trying out the edgy kind didn’t come easy, I had to push myself over to get there and there has been no looking back ever since. 

 At this juncture, out of some hidden abyss emerged a persistent need to write about all things rolling up in the mind sky. Of all that is to love, all the critique and reviews, experience and passion, joy and terror, hope and aspiration. That’s going to be it. And as all always, the only thing constant is change, so this can very well change. That’s about it and more. See you around! Cheers!